Are you facing issues and difficulties in your business? Act NOW!!!

Old fashioned security is expensive and it doesn’t fit to today’s modern standards. Safety is number one priority for existing both, business and personal life.

Regarding that matter, we have a team of professional expert consultants that will take those risks and threats out.

Our consultants will create for you safe and secure protocols and plans.

As we cooperate with the largest and hi-tech most modern companies worldwide, we are the only one that you need in your hard times.

Access control

It is vital for one company to have an access control over the entry of premises, where a certain number of persons have permission to enter, otherwise you are exposed to espionage, thefts and information available to the competition.

Risk and crisis management

Our security expert consultants will make for a security plan and protocol, identify potential risks, problems and difficulties, for issues and unexpected situations that may affect to your normal function, in order to reduce your losses and expenses.

Crime prevention

Let us take care of you, we will supervise the implementation of solutions, discover your weakness, find where and exactly how you are exposed to a crime and let us train you how to protect your business.

Environment safety and health

Without a properly provided work place, a company puts its employees, customers, brand, reputation and revenue in danger. Additionally, work places that neglect health and safety protocols may lose staff, may increase costs and reduce profitability.

Supplies and production control

According to statistics, 70% of companies collapses because of so-called internal thieves (employees). We have a several methods to fix this concerns.

Information security

Facts shows that many dissatisfied employees tend to reveal company secrets to the competition. We have proven methods and tactics to recognize and manage that problem, only to prevent possible risks, losses and difficulties that can cause your business.

Crime detection and investigation

As much as we know corporative crime is widespread in business world. Our security expert consultants will provide to you an experienced and skilled legal assistance and representation.

Home and business solutions

According to the facts of statistics 80% of burglaries and intrusions in the houses are happening during working hours from 9 AM until 4 PM. Otherwise in the companies it happens during non-working hours from 6 PM until 5 AM. Our team of security expert consultants will advise you the most proven tactics, techniques and method to keep your home and business safe and protected.

Assisting emergency situations and coordinate appropriate response

To provide a real time solution, we will help take over, support you through the crisis and get you back to normal operations as soon as possible.