How to make 1 million $ online

                            Tips to make money online

  1. Stop obsessing about money While it sounds counterintuitive, maintaining a laser-like specialization in what proportion you create distracts you from doing the things that basically contribute to producing and growing wealth. So shift your perspective. See money not because of the first goal but as a byproduct of doing the right things.



  1. Start tracking what percentage of people you help, albeit in a really small way The most successful people I know both financially and humanly are shockingly helpful. They’re incredibly good at understanding people and helping them achieve their goals. They know their success has ultimately supported the success of the people around them. So they exerting to make people successful: their employees, their customers, their vendors, and suppliers…because they know, if they’re going to do that, then their own success will surely follow. And they will have built a business–or a career–they are often truly pleased with.



  1. Stop thinking about making 1,000,000 dollars and start thinking about serving 1,000,000 people. When you only have a few consumers and your goal is to make plenty of cash, you’re incented to hunt out ways to wring all dollars out of those customers. But once you discover the way to serve 1,000,000 people, many other benefits follow. The effect of word of mouth is greatly magnified. The feedback you receive is exponentially greater–and so are your opportunities to reinforce your products and services. You get to rent more employees and luxuriate in their experience, their skills, and their overall awesomeness. And in time, your business becomes something you never dreamed of–because your customers and your employees have taken you to places you’ll not even imagine. Serve 1,000,000 people–and serve them incredibly well– learn about tips to make money online, and the cash will follow.



  1. See making money as the way to form more things Generally speaking, there are two kinds of people. One makes things because they have to make money; the more things they create, the additional money they create. What they create doesn’t really matter that much to them–they’ll make anything as long because it pays. The other wants to form money because it allows them to form more things. they have to reinforce their product. they have to extend their line. they have to form another book, another song, another movie. They love what they create which they see making money as the way to attempt to even more of what they love. They dream of building an organization that makes the only things possible…and making money is that the because of fuel that dream and build that company they love. While it’s certainly possible to hunt out that one product that everyone wants and grow rich by selling that product, most successful businesses evolve and grow and, as they create money, reinvest that cash during a relentless pursuit of excellence.



  1. Do one thing better Pick one thing you’re already better at than most people. Just One Thing. Become maniacally focused on doing that one thing. Work. Train. Learn. Practice. Evaluate. Refine. Be ruthlessly self-critical, not in a masochistic way but to form sure you continue to work to reinforce every aspect of that one thing. Financially successful people do a minimum of 1 thing better than simply about everyone around them. (Of course, it helps if you select something to be great at that the earth also values and pays for.) Excellence is its own reward, but excellence also commands higher pay and greater respect, greater feelings of self-worth, greater fulfillment, a greater sense of accomplishment all of which cause you to rich in non-monetary terms.

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